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Monday, November 30, 2009


Heyhey, I'm back from North.It's was a very long journey, 12 hours in the car and it's was the worst jam i ever felt eh not felt, enjoyed. And today gerak to Johor (south),yeah not enough sleep.

Soooo boring.
Boring, starving.

Daaaaa you. you tau,bukan orang lain.

*east to west and north to south. :(

Friday, November 27, 2009


Heyhey,it's Hari Raya Aidiladha people. Ape selalu yang korang buat time raya korban ni if tak pegi sembahyang raya and tak tgok orang sembelih lembu? ntahlah, taktau kan. But yang tak pernah miss time pagi raya is suara emakku yang sangat merdu mendayu dayu menjerit suruh bangun. arghhh, sakit otak.
Pagi raya went to rumah nenek and makan! makan! dan makan! but this time lain sikit cuz ade activity best, yeah petik rambutan. Semua nak tunjuk HERO.

Okay, i got some pictures with my best buat muka partner ;

mula mula kena pejam mata

lepas tu buka sambil tunjuk gigi

okay, dah boleh buat muka handsome! nahh!

dan masa untuk tunjuk hero di khalayak ramai. heee :)

pemetik rambutan yang terulung di dunia


dan hasilnya (ni cuma sebahagian je)

I'm not sure whether this we can called pengorbanan or not. haha

Okay,so boring. Tomorrow have to go to Kedah to join the rombongan kahwin. Mesti kena bangun awal, malas betul.
Tak mau tidur lagi tapi nak wish Goodnight.

"goodnight sayangs" muahh.


*si pemetik rambutan kuning

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Love The Life We Live

It's a bottle of love, a clash of sounds which obviously mean Gossip. People surrounded by sounds which full of hatred that might get risk if we trusted but might be leave if we left it. So much is going down, it's overwhelming and how do we get away with all that?Gossip frequent, Gossip fluent.

In a life, it's nice if we are being just like S, it's nice yeah totally but as been wrote, so much is going down. For instance, been really loyal to the boyfriend but he simply fell for someone else and almost punching with bestfriend just because of the boyfriend. So the moral, try to find for someone who suit you best and can be your bestfriend either.
B, everyone wanted to be beautiful and 'genius' like you but sometimes you just a little bit careless and eventually lost everything even a handsome pet. Bestfriend is just a perfect adviser every seconds in our life. Some said, as much as BFF can make you go WTF (urggh i preferred WTS), there's no denying that we'd all be a little less rich without them. Yeah, i totally agreed and applied.

Some people might see that their lies have almost caught up to them. Some people may see what was there all along and then there are ones who run as far as they can so they don't have to look at themselves even in a small mirror. C, these is for you and you are just so pity. Live in your own world, that's your choice but i like you because of your gentleness.

Losing something no one know we had to begin with, D's and N's heart. It's often said that no matter the truth, people see what they want to see, some people might take a step back and find out they were looking at the same big picture all along.

We can ask each other with this question:
Do you ever feel like our lives have been planned for us?

and could ask this either:
Why waste precious time dreaming while waking time is so much better?
and what happen next, only time will tell.
We just sometimes can't accept faith and pretended it is other's faith and tried to smile but we can't question it because it's written, legaly written.
Well, all well ends well but sometimes it just end.
And yeah, THE END.
Goodnight people, and yeah you. :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

no more lower 'part', new chapter.

yeah yeah, let me be the first to know who doesn't like to be at home rather than in place which supposedly to be call as taman negara haha.i supposed to know that no one like lah kan.

if last week at this time,bella and i stayed up for macroecons. ade rindu jugak lah time tu. stress je belajar pasang gee gee gee and then joget. but after macroecons, i think its not worth stayed up cuz ceh! piece of donut! haha
siap boleh pose after exam lagi.

yeah, dah grad part3 haha

its good to be at home but lagi penat kot. kena jadi babysitter for 5kids! omaigot! penat tak terhingga lahhhh. i think my weight lost 1kg in a week kot dengan tak sempat makannye. memang kurus yg dinantikanlahhh. the gemoks yg digerami:

nur zakirah(sister on top) anyss(with dummy)

nabil najmi (the gamer)

aeesya sofea (niece) kuat nangis, nak gigit je.

the other baby,ikhwan no photo. but he's the only my favourite baby cuz tak banyak bunyi.

done nagging,beds calling and time to enjoy in lah lah land. nite.

*i think im falling for you.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

exam's distractions

live the life at home, balik for one day to study statistic with miss DIYA.

1.'The All American Rejects concert at Bukit Jalil'

okay okay cerita bermula: as planned, on 31st oct went to AAR concert at Bukit Jalil. banyak cerita, firstly AMIN (org yg paling penting kena ada kat concert tu) tak dapat pergi sebab dia tak sihat, pity you amin. you know what, kalau you sihat and dapat follow kitorang, semua benda2 yg jadi hari tu takkan jadi.

lastly, pegi dengan nana dengan adik adik dia (baby and kimy) and on the way there we picked up azroy kat ktm Subang. huh,messed up. dahlah hujan lepas tu konon konon nak lalu jalan yang tak jam, last2 tersesat. hishhh,apelah nasib baik sampai. the best part was when the front power window (yelah, memang front sebab naik pon satria) tak boleh turun and it was raining that time. haha bagus semua orang kannn. sampai je, tried everything untuk naikkan power window tu, called uncle A Rahman semua, siap 3G die lagi tapi tak berjaya. nana and i waited at the car park sebab takut jadi pape kat kreta tu while yg lain dah lari pg concert tu. sabar jelah aku and nana dengar disagree nyanyi and tak dapat impian nak dapatkan 2nd drum stick from ham, onebuckshort. kitorang buat muka tak malu and muka friendly mintak tolong orang tapi semua tak pandai buat. last2, panggil security india tu, nasib baik dia terer, huishh, aney u are my hero. then lari pg concert, apparently AAR tak muncul2 lagi and it was almost 10pm. sabar lagi aku dengan si nana tu.

tunggu lame gila baru lah si gedik Tyson Jay Ritter and others muncul. memang aku agak batak sket sebab ntahlah taktau rase ape. overall, the concert was fun and yeah we enjoyed but orang ramai sangaaaattt. huh, Tyson, you know what i just love to met you and im gonna miss you. ceh.

nana yeahhh gemok!

gemok lagi :)

2.'Bermandi manda di Lata Meraung, Jerantut'

2days before CTU's paper which on 4th nov, went to air terjun lata meraung with sheza, bella and naqib. what can i described about the journey is very very very horror cuz it was raining that time and kitorang 4 org je. sampai je ade 1 kereta je yg dah nak balik and tinggal kitorang, agak menakutkan but best jugaklah.
pacat pacat pacat all the way there,euwww kena kat kaki bella and naqib. geli aku!
lepas tu dah, balik. kat bilik, meraung raung baca CTU haha.

3.'Rumahku Syurgaku Sayang'

nice being here cuz this is the place where i belong to and yeah i like.
time to sleep and enjoy the bed.

goodnight people.