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Sunday, February 28, 2010


Im bored to death.
Ouh please, enough of date with books. Will be continue dating with books tomorrow just for the sake of getting A in IB subject cuz if I don't, urghh malu please dengan mr IB. Because he's a man, I should get an A. I don't know why macam tu, maybe dah ter'set' dalam otak macam tu, idk haha.
Nothing much I did today other than played with my nephew, danced NOBODY with him, eat 2 boxes of ice cream with him, draw him a pic of Wonder Girls, Diner Dashed, Facebooked, Ymed, Chatted and highlighted IB book. Ouhhh, thats pretty much haha. (bad grammar alya, haha) No point of telling this, stupid lahhh.
Okay, Kenapa ada curfew? Im 20 lah. No more 'teen' at the back. Haishhh.
Kenapa semua orang susah nak faham hint? It's a hint, please lah paham paham. Takkan nak bagitahu, then it's not a hint lah then kannn. Stupid lagi.
No more flirty. No more everything. Why i'm being so emotional ni.
Dating with pillow.
bestnye dapat bake chocolate

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thank You

NO more fever everyday, everymorning.
But I got a lot more assignments and tests weeeheeww!
Back to un-organized life in Malacca. Will not frequently update blog. haishh.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Fever and long time lover

5th day of fever. I hate of seeking for medical attention cuz the more I seek, the more symptoms I get. I got tons of assignments to submit after mid-term break but I don't even touch them yet and I got a truck of test after mid-term break but I don't read any of books I brought back home. Haish, poor things. And poor you Alya, lets pray together so that Alya can live like a very-very-very normal human being. Oh please, don't slide in my nose, gatal boleeeehhh! Dah merah, nampak tak?? :'(

Tak boleh terima akal but sangat terharu :'(
Why are you still waiting for me? Oh come on lah, almost 5 years eh but you said 7 years so it means it was from form 2?? We ym just now and he reminded me bout his birthday which on 21st of February on sunday and how sad I told you that last tuesday was my birthday. Okay,he lost his phone. He wants to meet me so badly and I demam tak baik lagi. Sorry you, serious tak boleh. How bout before jumaat pray? I tak bangun lagi you. ngeeee. Please, at least I tak celeb your birthday and you pun tak celeb my birthday. And serious I tak larat. Okay. The 'so called' drama begin when I mentioned 'next time' word.

Dia cakap,
I'll be in KL sampai 15th march 2011 then I'll be back in London continue cert in legal studies there then habis then macam biasa I tunaikan janji, PINANG YOU, I ingat lagi. (okay, I pon ingaaaaat sangaaaat. speechless lagi.)

Dia cakap lagi,
Dari high school sampai sekarang mana boleh tukar. You asyik dengan bf ni bf tu, I ada pun tak sama lahhh. Semua orang tau lah, I gemuk dulu suka Alya and sekarang still, lagi 2 tahun setengah wait. (Oh please, I don't care you gemuk ke ape lahh)

And lagi,
Just wait and see Alya, tak sama dengan first love dengan orang lain. Sumpah, memanglah sound so stupid kan but I still (okay, I dah takut je)

Lagi he said,
I banyak lagi nak habiskan, semua ni for daddy and mummy, the rest for my own life and you nak ke I full time gay? (kepala hotak you!) I boleh stay single for 3 4 5 6 years at least you still ada.

Betul tak I cakap kat dia, You, you went to so many places and akan pergi lagi mana mana and for sure you'll find someone better and you dah tak akan ingat I lagi dahhh.

Why you cakap macam mummy ni? Okay listen, I ingat lagi masa tu I dapat masuk Sains school dekat Johor but I tak nak pergi and mummy tanya kenapa, I jawab, I taknak tinggalkan old school and tinggalkan time naik bus bla bla bla. Serious lah, you bagi I Amber Chia or whatever miss, I can't. Just wait, bagi I ganti daddy take over company then I datang cari Alya jangan lari pulak. And supposedly-drop-of-tear-part, If you bukan miss *****, as long as you happy, I'm happy too. Serious, if you bukan untuk I, I pergi jauh, tak balik KL lagi and that's my promise, I swear.

Okay, we just wait and see. I can't do anything kannn.

(tetiba aku nampak status ym dia 'alya alya alya' okay sumpah takut)

End of bedtime story, fullstop.


buang that pierced dulu

Monday, February 15, 2010

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(dah 4x aku bagi link, jom send entry)

*dalam video tu mariam, adik ain khan. boleh pulak kannn ain. patut macam kenal je.

Macam nak send entry. Sheza, jommmm! Where to go huh? (excited)


cool fever :(

how lah, how can demam macam ni.
mulut cabul lagi semalam cakap,
bestnye demam dah lama tak demam.
hah, amik kau kan dah demam.
yes, the best birthday present in advance.
thanks. suka, boleh kurus tapi tak suka sebab sakit badan. :'(
bila demam mula lah mengidam kuew tiaw tom yam or tom yam kung kat SR.
alamak bestnye.
please siapa2 tolong hantar tom yam kung sekarang.
boringnya cerita ni.
Keep on waiting. haish. habis.
roti manis berinti rasa pandan kaya

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

20 things for 20th

Start dreaming and wish, wish and keep on wishing.

I want, I wish I have, I really want, I am for, I really-really-really want :

1. Suzuki Swift (blue,black,red, or grey colour)

2. Blackberry Bold 9700

3. New DSLR lens

4. A cute and nice watch

5. Pretty shoes (size 8) *heee

6. Bags

7. Rayban wayfarer

8. Yummy cake (cheese or chocolate)

9. Super cute clothes

10. Hugs and Kisses

11. Shopping sprees

12. A day with boyfriends and girlfriends

13. A 'family day' off

14. Hair treatment *haha

15. FOC holidays

16. A cute 20th party

17. Keyboard or guitar

18. Bless

19. Freedom

20. Happiness :)))

You wished alya :(

a week to hold

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bage kau

macam bab!
meaning that, optimisticcc!

Fire Burning up The Fan

Its 1055 am in the lab.
Sumpah ku mau mencarut.
Punya lah aku cepat2 siap and jalan laju2 but sampai je diorang cakap class at 1130. Okayy.
Perut sudah lapar.


Okay,sumpah cuak,panic,kelakar and macam macam.
Semalam around 630pm, Tina masuk bilik jerit "weh, turun turun! Ade kebakaran!"
Semua roomates tengah syiok tido and tiba tiba semua empat2 orang bangun macam askar.
Muka mamai2 pikir betul or memain je. Ziera dah turun dengan pakai short besar and baju terbalik dia. Roha turun pakai baju kelawar(lawak gila). Fai jerit, turun turun! Tak payah amik pape. Tetiba terpikir boyfriend kesayanganku (baby nikon). Sambil tukar seluar pendek kepada panjang, mencari2 boyfriend dalam bag. Then lari turun tangga. Sampai je bawah, rupanya boyfriend ku tertinggal battery, haha bongok kau! Semua muka cuak je.
Then few minutes mcm tu BOMBA datang. TangTungTangTung. Dah okay dahhh.
Paling seram lah semalam.

Okay,cerita pun dah habis. Its 4th of February, not 16th of February :(

flirty,bila ni?