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Monday, May 17, 2010


What a boring day. This is super boring.
Can you imagine, waiting for your housemates from 1230 till 430? 4hours?
WTS! It is just because of I dont want to walk alone from campus to my house.
20minit, takut lah gila kot kot ade flasher ke ape. Ishhh.
Weh korang, cepatlah balik. Sakit badan dah ni. Tak sabar nak pegi swim.
Semalam baru nak melawat pool dah ade anjing. Babi punya anjing. Babi ke anjing ke taktau lah.
Lagi 1 jam.
I need a car to 'travel' me from ASTER to KBM
Abah, how about...

this, cool kan if a 'young lady' like me drive this

or this, just simple. pass me this lah.

how bout this cool car?

or this HOT one?

okaylah, just buy me this one.

or AT LEAST this! hahaha

Okay, melampau dah tu. Got to go, lets check out if diorang dah abis class belum.

Cakap tadi nak shopping groceries kat TESCO.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

DONE but not done yet

Finaly Im DONE with all my six final exam papers.
Let me tell a lil bit about them.
My first paper was Finance, it was okay but mycarrymarks macam haram.
This is the reason why I dont like calculation. tsk T_T
Then goes my second paper, IT. Carrymark boleh menolong but the questions macam ntahlahh.
Okay my third paper, statistic. Macam sangat boleh buat tapi macam tak sure.
Hopefully stat sangat okayyyy.
Then International Business. Sir, please lah. Ive done my very best.
Then Personal Development my fav subject. Hopefully I will get A for PD.
Carrymark pon sgt okay.
And lastly, LAW. Spot question was very helpful. Semoga dapat A jugak. haha
Boleh pulak tertinggal slip exam time law. haishh.
But I dont think I can get DL for my first time deg. Just doa banyak banyak.
But I really want DL. Jom doa kawan kawan.
I got 10days holiday only cuz ill be doing intersession during my sem break. Sangat sedih.
Jom lepak dulu.