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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

new chapter

Hello hello.
Its wednesday and its the third day of classes for this new semester.
Ohh, hello part 3. Hello juniors, you look so fresh.
Today is 7th of july. Oh my Gosh! Usher is coming to Malaysia and im here now in Malacca and Sheza is in Jengka. Babe, we supposed to be in KL right now. Usher is gonna cry a river if he didn't see our face at Bukit Jalil tonight. Urgh, why lah you come on weekdays. We got class lah Usher, apelah you ni. Next time datanglah on weekend when we are in KL. *sigh

To sheza, this is new semester. And new "look" will appear around us especially around you. What I mean is juniors because they are fresh so remember what to do girl, you are the third year student now. We'll do barter system, exchange them. :D
You don't have to cry an ocean, well areff is back. You have areff there and areff has you there while I have nobody here. Pity me :'(
Please peluk areff for me. Ask him to behave nicely because nobody will 'meroyan' if he doing something bad and ask him to scan the 'elok-elok' one for me. :)
I love you both so dearly. Urgh miss please.

This is so boring, im fasting and this is kinda yummy:

I'm looking for 'something' new. I don't like to be alone.