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Saturday, August 28, 2010

blair is coming

she is coming to the town.
she is coming!
she is coming!
i'm missing her bloody much!
she is coming!
i'm freaking happy!
where are we heading?
okay, you decide. ahhh no no you decide.
ahh shit, i miss you!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

cognitive dissonance of a shophaholic

good brand

ini bag saya baru beli dari brand di atas
teruja teruja teruja

close up sebagai bukti yang sahih

versi warna kelabu
cantik kan?

enjoy the regression :

at vincci mahkota parade
RM139.90 instead of RM159.90

how can they still produced the same design?

*still using the bag

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Heyyheyy, I'm now is known as not-organized-girl. Ouh its already August, time flies so fast. Hello assignments and hey home, don't you miss me? I miss too many people and things in my life. I need a motivator to make my life organize.

Adam, we didn't get any chance to know each other better dear.
I promise you will be treated just the same as your brother.
Please remember my face so that I won't repeat the same word to you.
Be good, boy.

Byebye 1050ml.
Say hello to your new owner.
Another bag anyone?

I'd rather be alone then mingle with other people but not them.
They are so annoying which I like it like seriously.
Hey girls, we got to stand for 1 year and a half more.

I'm organizing myself.