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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Hey guys, what are you up to? I've been very busy since the new semester has begin. I'm part 4 now, oh baru merasa part 4 bcuz last time Diploma tak sempat part 4 dah mengada ngada nak sambung degree, kalau pandai sangat takpe. Nasib baiklah okay okay. So, too much things to settle since this semester I got 4 subjects with 4 credit hours which are so not cool and the others ada yang 2 and 3 credit hours. Assignments are already in the to-do-list and my planner is getting crowded and I'm trying not to be a last minute person like I used to be and okayyy enough. The more we let be things just like that, I mean ignoring them, the more stressful we are, so I should use all my time wisely. Nothing else to nag here. Assignments calling their mummy, so till I nag again!
Eh, wait! I should put a thick on my wishlist. Here you go boldywhitey. Mummy loves you. Taknak cakap ape lah, I bukan ape. Dah lama gila okay I nak beli budak ni. It is just that I'm in the insufficient financial resources condition sebab tu tak beli beli. Tengok my entries pity me and pity me again which dated 28 Jan 2010 and 9 Feb 2010. Kesian kan I sebab sekarang je mampu beli. Congratz me anyway! Lisa Surihani pon pakai same macam saya punya. "Great people have same taste" haha tablehbla.

I wanna go see Bruno Mars and Maroon 5!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

kejap je kejap je

hai kawan!
drop by kejap
shez! put this in your reminder now!

adam levine

thank you byebye

Saturday, January 1, 2011

all brand new

Goodbye 2010
thanks for the histories

Hello 2011

Please be good

im gonna write about my 2011 wishlist
after i complete do the research

and oh

01 01 2011,

Happy 2 lovely years Anniversary SNN