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Saturday, February 5, 2011

feb feb february

It's February.

I just realized that I rarely update this blog now.
Hands are getting lazy to do the typing job.
It's February now. Lots of important things will be happened on this month. 2 years and 1 months anniversary on the 1st. Dad's birthday on the 9th. Valentines Day on the 14th even though I don't celebrate Valentine, like seriously man. My birthday on 16th. Woooppps! did I just mentioned my birthday on 16th? hehehe yeah this is why I like February. And last but not least, my sister and my school bff birthday on the 18th. This is like a reminder for me lah.

I'm on holiday for one week now, nothing much I did except for spending time with my love one, watching Khurafat for the second time with him, slept over at Sheza's place, went out with my school girlfriends and spending the days with my family. Btw, I've watched Faster and The Green Hornet. I think Faster is cooler than The Green Hornet (TGH). But Jay Chou in TGH is soooo cute! I like the part when Jay Chou sings Gangster Paradise, haha comel please Jay Chou. I wanna watch Yogi Bear :)

I want one more week for the holiday.
Shaittt, Goodnight everybody. Hoping to wake up as normal tomorrow.