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Friday, March 25, 2011

beauty with intelligence

21st of March 2011
Renaissance Hotel Melaka

yeay, Alhamdulillah for the award
and hope next sem will maintain this or even better

yeye je best students award. biase2 je kot.



zaini and faizal si 4 flat

alooo comel huda and john

may I say,
till we meet again next sem?

title macam nak kena sepak laju2

Thursday, March 24, 2011

one person has the power to make change

Why do everyday feel so hot?

Why do we need to use aircond when we are hot?

Why do we not switch off the charger after we done using it?

Why do everyone keep complaining about the weather and global warming?

Why don't we do something that can make a difference?

click this to make a difference

you don't have the guts to click?
okay I'm talking about Earth Hour
Earth hour is now an annual event that we should take part every year
This year should be on

Saturday, 26 March, 830pm -930pm

don't be lazy, just click lah

if you want to join those cool people make the difference,
you just have to sign up in the website

I've already show my support
I've signed up!

You can also take part on Twitter
click the link below

They will do magic to your profile picture

I really miss the time when my friend and I organized an event of Earth Hour during 2009
I really miss Kelab Bumiku

You guys have to watch this creative video

Show your support!
You can make a difference

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

retro pantyhose

hello hello,
haa tengah tengah bulan ni lah
tengah tengah pokai ni lah
tengah tengah sadis habis ni lah
nak buat dinner lah, seminar lah, duaminar lah tigaminar lah.

rasa macam VIP bila ada dua dinner kena attend kuikuikui
satu dinner DL, dua dinner Marketing
nasib baik dinner DL free and kat hotel best
yang penat nak fikir ape nak pakai dinner Marketing nanti

tema retro memang menarik
tapi retro ni banyak, susah kalau tak specific kan
retro 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, hippies, gypsy
mane tah diorang ni so kepalaho pon dah konfius
yang penting nak pakai pantyhose! :)

kalau UiTM tak kisah sahsiah rupa diri dah pakai dah macam ni

tang rambut boleh pakai wig
alooo comel please

memang comel okay

macam ni pon boleh simple

oh yeah this purple pantyhose sexayyhhh
thanks aiai bagi idea

but still thinking what to wear
what do you guys think?


before we have fun, think for a while
there's so many things happened around us

it's time to repent

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

malas siot

Hello and Assalammualaikum!

Lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tak update blog hahaha. Too much story moryyyyyyy!

It’s March now but I will start with what happen in my February. First is abah’s birthday, I bought him a belt, a very nice belt I must say and ‘nice’ price also I must sayyy! Haha and abah suka which I’m satisfied :) . Then is my birthday, unforgettable jugaklah. Firstly, malam tu macam moody gila plus had fight with bf lagi. Bengang tahap bangsarudin cipanzee pon ade and then ade test lagi esok tu. I was planned to sleep early sebab memang zero mood lah. Baca notes sambil baring and then siti masuk tanye nak tido dah ke and I cakap kejap lagi. Ade lah dalam dua kali dia masuk tanye macam tu.

Ohh before I forgot, I memang saje taknak bagitahu diorang yang malam tu my birthday, tipu diorang my birthday is on May because taknak kena baling tepung kejadah semua. So macam tak kesah langsunglah diorang buat bodoh je. And third time siti masuk dia cakap dia nak tido and then terus tutup lampu. Bengang memang tak boleh kata sebab gila ape dia tak nampak ke aku tengah baca pastu sukati je nak tutup lampu. And bila I nak bangun bukak lampu, diorang semua masuk bawak cake and nyanyi birthday song ahahaha sumpah surprised gila and nak nangis pon ade but the worst part is tak dapat tiup lilin tu sebab siti lupa tutup kipas skali hahahaha. Then terus hilang bad mood hehe thank you so much semua housemates yang sporting and pandai berlakon.
I don’t like if my birthday falls on weekdays sebab macam cepat gila masa tu jalan. Then malam tu bf kite datang Melaka surprised kitewww haha terus baik gaduh, menyampah. Then weekend tu dia datang lagi with big surprised which he brought along my present hehe, Toshiba netbook yeayyy finally dapat jugak ada laptop or netbook ke. Best best best. Haaa I think tu jelah cerita birthday.

Now its already March. Time for TEST! Ive done most of my first test and ada 2 left. Haish, tah ape tah jadi test tu semua. Hopefully, I’ll pass all lah. Sekarang sumpah malas gila nak pegi class. Class channel yang thursday punya dah LIMA kali tak pegi. Haaaa gila okay, tapi tu mass class so macam lecturer tu pon tak perasan if tak datang class and bila time tutor class boleh je sign attendance tu kuikuikui kuajo punya budak. Next week janjilah dating class tu.
Dah habis dah kot cerita. Oh nanti ade cerita barista #2 hehehe.

Okay bye :)