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Monday, April 18, 2011








Killer paper, Managerial Economics!

I must study hard, not smart because only one week to go.

Study, Understand, Memorize and Review
SOLAT itu penting!

okay okay okay

bye :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


It’s 16 of April. Time flies so fast like really fast which it’s already at the end of the 4th semester. One semester in the campus and one semester for practicum then I’m done with degree. Hopefully, Amin. I really hope I can pass my degree with cgpa 3.6 at least. What??? 3.6? mannnn! That’s hard. 0.19 to go to 3.6. Pointer, please be nice and don’t you ever dare to fall yourself! Yes, I am that freaking desperate to get 3.6. Or else, I’ll kill myself with a fake Barbie knife. Hehe.
So, it’s the study week now. There are so many ups and downs along the semester. From the classmates to the housemates to the soulmate and me myself. Oh actually, there is nothing to do with the classmates kot. Everyone was so nice to each other and I have no problem with that. Since my car had broken down, it is so hard for me to go anywhere including the class. I wish I could turn back the time and drive the car carefully with responsibility but I think I did. Luckily I have my best buddy in campus, rir. I’ll treat you something good okay.
I wanna tell you guys, on the past few days I’m so upset with my BEL presentation marks. I got the lowest marks in my group and it really turned me off. But there are actually other people lower than me but then I don’t know why I’m really upset with that. Hopefully I did great for the test. Luckily I got the second highest for ME test in the class! Hooray! And that’s really made my day. Never thought of getting good marks for calculation subject because I don’t like calculation other than calculate the MONEY. Haha. Final exam is around the corner, I really want to get Dean’s List again. Please please please, strive for Dean’s List! So, GOOD LUCK everybodyyyyy!!! Please study and memorize and don’t waste the precious time given to you and me of course.
It’s really good to be at my own castle. I wish Malacca is just one block away from my house. I miss my parents and my family so much and now I wanna meet my ninja turtle alif and adam! I’ve met aeesya and girl, thanks for the unforgettable present you gave me this morning. Your poops smell so fcuking badddddd!!! Yuckkkksss! Huh.
And I think I’m done nagging.
Good night and don’t let the bed bugs bite! Rawrr!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 9

I miss home, I miss my best buddy at home Aeesya Sofeea.
I really really really miss home.
Minggu ni nak jadi manja, nak suruh abah amik kat sini hehe.
Ohh anyway, I had so much fun yesterday and few days back.
I suka juniors marketing semua sporting, tetiba rasa macam tu.

haha cuteeee!!!
kalaulah korang dapat perform macam shirtliff ke, dynamite ke, blitzer ke
haihh mesti menang

badut in the house!

okayyy, have to continue study for test tomorrow
madam zaleha strict sangat
nak share idea dengan kengkawan pon tak boleh
chapter 6 till 21 and I'm dead

Monday, April 4, 2011

back to granny's time!

1st of April 2011
Avillion Legacy Hotel Melaka

So, as well planned, here we go Dinner Marketing for this sem.
Well done MTs and the crews
The ballroom was fantastic
The foods were like errr makan jelah
The guys dressed up to the max, sporting habis
The girls macam so-so je
Overall, the dinner was good.


The KING of the night!

cute! the color so attention seeker haha

ila, superb please.

acap so retro p ramlee

comel john

retro king

most well-groomed marketer tapi malam tu tak well-groom lah

most influential marketer

most friendly marketer

most participated marketer and most popular marketer

nice nice nice

suka please tengok

part 1 group

haha cute
panjang, pian, shauki, ariff, acad, imran and pakwan

see, so sporting kan, pink color bling bling
elvis presley inspired

adib dah macam ketua kongsi gelap, shah comel gila seluar merah,
ajie pon kongsi gelap

semua beli baju kat bundle

suka suka suka

110 hahhahaa

shah jenkit macam tahan berak haha comel

panjang dah panjang gila, lain semua macam ketot je oppss

bundle mari lah kan

Part 4 Marketing Students

Great job!

ohh, lupa cakap, saya jadi RETRO QUEEN!
hahaha macam tah pape gila padahal pakai simple je
ni semua menang sebab rambut over-expanded

thanks mom for the shirt, aida for the legging, eqa for the scarft,
eqa n yana for the hair makeover
aida for the red lips
purple crocs which i wear it everyday to class
yana for the bangles
and sister for the bag

I've been sponsored that night hahaha
I just spent RM4.90 for the ear ring

gambar ihsan dari arifa zm, fadhil and ayu