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Friday, May 13, 2011

exam is over

Hey, how was you guys' final exam? Everything went well? Mine was okay I think. All of the 4 credit hours' subject were good to me except for Managerial Economics. Manage to answered quite okay for part A but part B haishhh. I really hope Dr Ariffin is kind and generous enough while marking my paper. Can I get DL that I aimed for? I wish I can, just wait for the result to come out. Never stop praying and doa. Holiday has just begin but not for me as I'm going to take Intersession which will be started on this 16th May. No 4 months holidays for me. How sad is that. I think that's all for tonight. Really don't have the mood to write some essay or crap as my brain has worked for me during the exam. GoodNight.