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Sunday, July 31, 2011

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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Awkwardness with your friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/mom/dad/grandma/granddad/brothers/sisters/teachers etc happen when :

1) Message sent. Check back your sent items and demmit, sent it to wrong person.

2) Get too annoyed with autocorrections and the message got the wrong meaning and you just screwed your life.

3) You just let the last-person-you-wanted-to-tell-the-secrets-to know the secrets. You're totally dead.

4) You name it.

Well, it just happened to me last night and I just wanna hide my self in the fridge. Screw me! T___T

Oh by the way, I have few funny pictures related to awkwardness. It's really funny when you got the real meaning. I found them in my favorite website. Some of them are a lil bit too 18sx.


This is a real funny

LMAO. How come it can be a cucumber?

And this is kinda like what happened to me last night.
HAHAHA bodoh gila mati, awkward habis.


Totally deadmeat huh.

This guy is so annoyingly stupid

And how can auto-corrections correct it to
Actions speak louder than wombat? LOL

It's not just happened to me last night but few years ago when I sent a break up message twice. That is so freaking AWKWARD.