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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Degree, Internship and Vacation


A very long hiatus. I'm done with degree people! Internship with CIMB Bank was good, VIVA and thesis were good too. I'm satisfied with all I did and hoping for a good result in August. Any result would be fine as long as it can increase my CGPA. Counting days and weeks to continue MBA in September insyaAllah. I'm addicted to vacation now, started from Tioman Island. From Tioman, I can say I fell in love with island. What's in Tioman; beautiful fish, coral/reef, clear water, white sand, nice people and calmness. I swear I'll return to Tioman again but this time maybe not Panuba but Salang.

Sabah comes few days after Tioman. Went Sabah with Jaja and Eqa because Sheza, Siti, Miaa and Aida can't make it. Sabah was fun and unforgettable. Thanks a bunch to my Sabahan friends especially Afif who took us to nice places there, Eddy, Uzair and John. What's in Sabah; SEAFOOD, i repeat seafood, island, mount Kota Kinabalu, nice weather in Kundasang, Poring Hot Spring, sunset, canopy walk, pearls, pisang cheese and everything you want. Again, I'll definitely return to Sabah maybe next year and this time to Mabul Island and Sipadan Island we go!

 These are some of the pictures in Sabah bha ;

Afif, Jaja and Eqa. We were at Sepangar if I'm not mistaken. We stopped on the bridge to see sunset.

Sunset at Shang-Ri La Rasa Ria Resort nearby Karambunai. I just love this spot, very romantic!

Mount Kota Kinabalu. If i have the gut, I'll climb to the peak I tell you!

War Memorial Park Kundasang

John spotted huge spider web on our way to canopy walk at Poring Hot Spring.

KK Waterfront Hotel in Warisan Square. Nice hotel, nice spot and cheap one!

So yeah, that's Sabah. PD comes right after Sabah. Hence the bad sunburn. 

Till next post,