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Wednesday, April 8, 2015



I was so speechless, I can't even think. Tarik nafas dalam dalam, okay call Siti and Miaa (my travel buddy).
So they asked me to buy next flight ticket to Bangkok or if possible the same flight with them.

Pendekkan cerita, I bought the same flight ticket with them that cost me RM317 (one way) instead of RM171 (return) that I bought during AirAsia promo. Hambek kau nak promo sangat kannn. Thanks to Miaa, best known as Samiha.

Miaa and Siti touched down KL from JB at 8am. And our flight to Bangkok is at 1145am. Imagine how many hours I was there at KLIA2?


Finally.. the time has come. Terus pergi boarding gate awal takut peristiwa gelap berulang kembali.
So, Miaa and Siti made friend in the flight. I can't recall their name but they are chinese guy from KL backpacking to Bangkok and they offered to show us how to go to Silom Road. Thank you guys.

Luckily my brother went to Bangkok the week before us so he helped us with his transport guide sketch, that really helpful.

This is the transport guide

Direction from Don Mueang Airport to Silom Road. Why Silom Road? Because it is easily accessible and nearby to go to anywhere and of course nearby to BTS station.
From Don Mueang Airport, you need to take bus A1 or A2 to Mo Chit BTS Station. It will cost you 30 Baht. If I'm not mistaken, Mo Chit is the last station and ETA is less than 30 minutes.

At Mo Chit Station, take BTS sky train to Siam that will cost you 42 Baht. Why Siam station because Siam station is an interchange station that will link you to another route. From Siam station, you need to buy ticket to Sala Daeng station or actually you can buy directly from Mo Chit station to Sala Daeng station. The ticket counter will let you buy ticket yourself from the self service ticket machine. But of course you can change coin at the ticket counter first.

And we accidentally stop at Ratchathewi because of the sketched transport guide haha. Salah eh, jangan turun kat Ratchathewi.

Siti and Miaa 
At Ratchathewi station

So we have to wait for next train to Sala Daeng. At Sala Daeng, you can take Tuk Tuk to Silom Road. You don't have to call them, they will come to you. We took Tuk Tuk to Silom Road that cost us 100 Baht (it shouldn't be more that 150 Baht).

The brown shirt guy at the back is our Tuk Tuk driver, his name is Som. He's very friendly and boleh lah baik but the most important thing is he can converse in English. 

Surprisingly! Som used to be my bro's Tuk Tuk driver when he went to Bangkok week before us (oh I did mention before kan). Sumpah kelakar okay bila my brother tunjuk gambar Som and cerita semua pasal Som which is exactly the same as what happened to us.

Som is a nice guy but be careful because he is one of the popular Tuk Tuk scam in Bangkok. He offered us to pay less but we have to follow him to a few thai silk and expensive garment shop so that he can get a stamp at every shop he bring us (he needs to collect stamps so that he can get free gas that worth 3000 Baht) so this is like a win-win situation. We help him and he helps us in return. He drove us to Lub. d, Silom Road. 
Lub.d Bangkok was rated "one of the 17 coolest hangout hostels in the world" by Britain's influential daily. Most of Bangkok backpackers rated Lub.d as the best hostel in Bangkok or even in Thailand.

The entrance of Lub.d Silom Road.
At night you can see tourist / backpackers hanging out in front of this entrance.

The map where Lub.d is located.
There are two Lub. d in Bangkok. At Silom Road and at Siam.

The reception area.
The staff is friendly and can converse very well in English.

When we reached at Lub.d, the hostel is actually fully booked!

Tulah, yakin nak walk in sebab we went there during weekdays so memang ingat boleh walk in tapi to be safe, please do online booking. Weekdays shouldn't be any problem it just that, Makha Bucha Day  falls on that weekdays so most probably because of that Thailand Public Holiday.
BUT! We were so lucky that at that very moment, there's one tourist had to cancel his stay at Lub.d and he offered us the double room that cost 18++ Baht but he paid for 13++ Baht during promo and guess what he asked us to pay only 1000 Baht. Hooray to that! Thank you stranger!

Funny fact: You can actually go to Silom Road by BTS sky train. From Siam station, buy ticket to Chong Nonsi Station for only 25 Baht. Only 5 minutes walking distance from Chong Nonsi to Lub.d. Just go down to the main road, go straight and cross at the traffic light, turn left and continue walking until you see Pullman Hotel on your right side and turn right, go straight then you'll see i.sleep hostel that used to be known as The Blast Silom (our second and third night stay) then you will see Lub.d Silom on your right side.

A map for your guidance.
Gigih okay edit kat paint. Haha.

Click image to enlarge.

So the first night we stayed at Lub.d Silom Road.

Double room.
Very comfy, affordable and worth it. 
The room's facilities include queensize bed, air-condioner, LCD TV, deposit box, writing table, towels, drinking water, basic amenities, hair dryer and private bathroom.

Cleanliness, checked!

The staircase to each floor

The shared bathroom if you choose to stay at the dorm

The bar area where you can order foods and snacks
Free coffee and tea for everyone!

This is a tourist from Zimbabwe. She's not friendly and poyo.
Haha no, this is Siti! 

We checked in at 4 something.
Still remeber Som? Haaaaaaaaaaa dia dah ready kat bawah sebab dah deal dia akan datang at 5pm. But actually he stayed there after he dropped us at the hotel. We actually made a deal with him where we will help him collect stamps and he will drive us to Asiatique for free! Yeah sounds good right but it is actually a Tuk Tuk Scam. Please read about scam in Bangkok here

After 3 textile shops, we said we refuse to follow him and asked him to bring us to Asiatique. He agreed and suddenly.... his tuk tuk broke down and he had to call his brother to drive us to Asiatique. And we have to pay his brother 100 Baht instead of pay nothing. Yea maybe this is one of the scam trick.

Whatever it is, we finally reached Asiatique The Riverfront!

 The opening hours is from 5pm (local time) till midnight

You can actually go to Asiatique for free! The easiest and fastest way to get there is via boat. Take BTS to Saphan Taksin and jump on the free shuttle boat that only takes 10 minutes to Asiatique but the free shuttle boat runs until 11pm (local time) only. Kalau lambat, naik tuk tuk or taxi lah ye.
Or click here for an easy picture how to go there.

Good news for Muslims, there is a Halal food in Asiatique. Champion Kebab!

Beef Kebab: 80 Baht
Chicken Kebab: 60 Baht

 The super sedap mango sticky rice at Mango Tango

SEDAP SANGAT mango ice cream dia !! We ordered the same menu twice.
Set mango sticky rice with mango pudding and mango ice cream: 160 Baht.
Tapi mango juice dia tak terbaik sangat but still sedap.

So, after Mango Tango, we went for thai massage at Samadul Thai Massage, still in Asiatique.
350 Baht for 60 minutes (foot, head and shoulder)
Consider cheap already as compared to thai massage kat KL. 
But you still can find even cheaper thai massage at Silom Road and anywhere in Bangkok.

We took tuk tuk to go back to Lub.d as it was already pass 11pm and the only way to go back, you only have 2 options; tuk tuk or taxi. The tuk tuk ride cost us 150 Baht. Malas nak pikir, ambik jelah.

That's the end of Day 1 of #miaalyasitivisitbangkok trip.

Part 3 coming right up!