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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Day 2 of #miaalyasitivisitbangkok

We have to check out from Lub D as room for our second night is fully booked.

Before check out, we eat our instant noodle cup that we brought from Malaysia. Please take note that some foods at Lub D are non-halal so please assume that we Muslim can’t eat all of the foods okay. But Lub D serves free coffee and tea for everyone! That was the time to mingle around with other backpackers at Bangkok.

Then we walked to I SLEEP where it used to be known as The Blast Silom. It is just 30 seconds walking distance from Lub D to I SLEEP. I SLEEP is more like a dorm type of stay.

The little dining area for breakfast and there are few locker to lock your stuff and there's a pc for anyone to use where I used it to print my boarding pass.

This is the shared bathroom. 
Cleanliness checked!

5/7 Decho Road. (Silom) Suriyawong, Bangrak, Bangkok, 10500

The room at I SLEEP is range from 450 Baht. That is consider very cheap, RM45 per night? Crayyyy! And I SLEEP is located just about 500 metres from Chong Nonsi BTS Skytrain Station (just refer to the map that I’ve edited using paint in previous post). The owner of I SLEEP is Ice, he’s veryyyyy friendly and so kind that Miaa wanted to cubit his pipi and mulut bila dia cakap. He’s very helpful and don’t mind to explain direction to us again and again sebab kitorang tak paham paham haha. 

Haaaaa ni lah Ice tu. Comel kannnnnnn! hahaha

At the reception area

This is our room for 2 nights. Very comfy and cleanliness, checked!

So, after we checked in at I SLEEP, we walked to Chong Nonsi Station (S3) and took skytrain to Saphan Taksin Station (S6) that cost us only 25 Baht and ETA is 4 min.

Saphan Taksin Station is located nearby Chao Phraya River where you can take Chao Phraya Express Boat. Have you heard about Grand Palace, Wat Arun and Wat Pho? You will have to take Chao Phraya Express Boat to go to those places. So we bought the one day pass for the express boat that cost 150 Baht. It is very worth it because you can use this pass to go to so many places by the express boat without have to pay the price for per ticket per place. The boat service is from 930am to 4pm local time.

Our first stop is Grand Palace. Oh you don’t have to worry if you don’t know which jetty to stop to go to place that you want because when you buy the ticket, they will provide you the map as well. 


So we stopped at station no 9; Tha Chang to get to Grand Palace, From the station you'll have to walk through the market along the pavement at the side of the road and you'll see a long white wall of the Grand Palace across the street. Most of people there is walking towards the Grand Palace so just follow them instead. To enter the outer court of Grand Palace, we don't have to pay anything, just have to dress properly (no tank top, sleeveless, short pants, short skirt) to respect the palace. The admission fee is 500 Baht. 

The Grand Palace, Bangkok

Hanging bicycle on the wall along the way to The Grand Palace

Then we went back to the jetty for our next stop; Wat Pho
We took the express boat to Tien Pier or Tha Thien (station no 8)
Sebab dah penat, we just sit at the bench there for like 15 minutes then pusing pusing and went back to the jetty.

Muka penat jalan kaki

Our next destination is MBK Centre. This is one of the so many malls in Bangkok. How to get there from here; go back to Saphan Taksin station, take BTS Sky Train to W1 National Stadium Station (Silom Line). Head to Exit 4 and walk directly to the link to Tokyu Department Store. Don't panic if you found yourself in a department store like Parkson because this store is the entrance to MBK Centre if you get there by BTS Sky Train. MBK Centre is almost like Sg Wang Plaza in Malaysia but not exactly the same lah. The main reason we went to MBK Centre because of Yana Restaurant. Yes! Halal food restaurant in Bangkok! You can locate Yana Restaurant nearby the food court, can't remember which floor. The food is so good, I like the tom yum the most. But a bit pricey as compared to tom yum restaurant in Malaysia but who cares, we were hungry at that time. We ordered 3 bowl of rice, mixed tom yum, omelette, kerabu mangga and chicken spicy i don't know what they called it and 3 drinks. Cost us 8++ Baht haha mahal lah wehhhh untuk 3 orang makan! Tapi sedap lah I can say. Then we continue shopping, still at MBK Centre.

Next, we took BTS Sky Train to Ratchathewi because we want to go to Pratunam Market. From Ratchathewi, you'll have to walk to reach Pratunam Market. Jauhhhhh pleaseee like 15 - 20 minutes walking distance jugaklah. Asked few people there to make sure tak sesat. Along the way to Pratunam Market, we stopped by to this one aunty's money changer because yeaaa we ran out of cash! I can't remember the place but the rate was quite cheap. Continued shopping at Pratunam Market and there's this one uncle sell coconut ice cream so kesian no one buys from him so we wanted to give it a try, we bought one and share tiga orang, sumpah sedappppppp!!! 

The 3 of us were so penat and we took taxi instead to go back to Silom. The taxi driver tak tau jalan pergi Silom okay! Stress jugaklah but we just enjoy the taxi ride. We reached I SLEEP at almost 2am, penat, mandi, tidur. Get some rest for Chatuchak Weekend Market the next day!

The end of day 2 #miaalyasitivisitbangkok